About Me

Life is a funny thing -- mine is no different, though perhaps particularly unusual. I grew up on a hospital ship traveling around the coast of Africa and Central America, where I was able to encounter people and cultures of some 40 nations, all before I became a teenager.  I then moved to the Netherlands, my country of birth and citizenship, and after 2 years it was off to Texas for high school proceeded by a swarry of other places...El Salvador, back to the Netherlands, Connecticut, Colorado, Texas, Washington, and ultimately back to Colorado.  

The ever changing nature of my geography fueled my curiosity, developed a deep sense of empathy, and created a desire to understand people; who they are, what they believe, and why they believe it. But it also meant saying ‘goodbye’...and saying it a lot. It meant leaving home, after home, after home. The constant change lead to restlessness, a feeling of belonging nowhere, insecurities, and battles with depression.

All of this wading through confusion and ever changing state of geography also forced me to find my home in the people I do life with, and not in a nation, culture, or structure. This longing for home has driven me to face some of my biggest fears and engage in the lives of those around me --  and ultimately, led me to ask the question I'm exploring through podcasting: “Is this it?” What is life all about, and how can I make sure that I don’t wake up one day and realize that I squandered it.

Eleven years ago I was fortunate to find my life partner, and together we have grown, journeyed, and have three amazing children who continually inspire and motivate me.  Pages could be written on how I have been shaped by these four humans. I have also studied, earning my undergrad at CU Boulder in International Affairs and my Graduate degree in Global Development and Peace.

I have spent most of my career as a humanitarian, working for multiple charities, where I design, implement, and evaluate programs, among other things, in the Global South. I currently work with Orphan Relief and Rescue, where we combat child trafficking and sexual abuse. 

So, why podcast?

"Is This It?" was birthed in an attempt to satiate my curiosity around the topic of humanity.  It's my excuse to have direct and honest conversations about the elements of life that are most meaningful - love, fear, hope, purpose, belief, failures, and all of the other undiscovered elements of life.  I'm giving - and taking - permission to skip over the small talk and dive into people's deepest thoughts on the world and our places in it.

My other great love? Football...well, Fantasy Football

The Fantasy Football content has been a hobby for well over a decade, and I'm thrilled to be working with other podcasters and analysts on RotoViz. Geeking out on spreadsheets and stats - it's my dream come true. 

I also host the RotoViz College Football Show, where I get to talk all things college football related with my friends Matt Wispe and Jordan Hoover. It is a great way to spend a Sunday evening!

So dive in with me - Listen, react, and respond. I'm excited for you to join me in this venture.  


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