Jonny Rodgers - Creating Beauty, Burning Bridges, and Baking Bread

This episode of Is This It? features a conversation with Jonny Rodgers.

Jonny is an incredible musician who has worked on numerous films and with a number of different bands, as well as his own incredible projects. He currently performs under the name Cindertalk.

Our conversation focuses a lot on artistic creation but also covers a myriad of topics, including how burning bridges can be beneficial, baking bread, death, and how selling out is not really what you may have thought it was. This was such a great conversation, you can not listen and not fall in love with who Jonny is.

Check out the end of the episode, right at the 80 minute mark for “This Is How We Fall In Love”

Here Jonny is making music using tuned glasses.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 9.31.18 PM.png