Ejaz Naqvi - The Dangers of Othering and How To Overcome It

This episode of Is This It? features a conversation with Dr. Ejaz Naqvi.

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Dr. Ejaz is a practicing physician and the chief of Chronic Pain Program and director of Graduate Medical Education at Kaiser Permanente in the San Francisco East Bay area. He also serves on the Board of Directors of Islamic Scholarship Fund, and was the president of Islamic Center of Zahra in Pleasanton, California. Dr. Ejaz also authored award-wining books Three Abrahamic Testaments and The Quran: With or Against the Bible?. He currently also writes the Ask A Muslim blog for Patheos.

Throughout the conversation we discuss a wide-ranging variety of topics, including the changes of perceptions of Muslims in America over the past decades, the danger of ‘us/them’ mentality and how ‘othering’ and ‘demonizing’ is destructive for society. Dr. Ejaz responds to some of the common critiques of Islam, specifically passages surrounding violence and oppression of women.

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