Erin Kirk - Girl Catch Fire

This episode of Is This It? features a conversation with Erin Kirk

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Erin, founder of Girl Catch Fire is a certified professional life coach, a writer, and a world traveler, whose sole aim is to encourage women to figure out what God made them for and how to go do it. She lives on a boat in Florida with her husband and two dogs.

We discuss the importance of having the right mindset, creating achievable goals, and the importance of having people in your corner who really believe in you.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation.  Erin’s passion for people, and seeing others achieve their goals in inspiring.  She truly desires to see people excel in their giftings. Some of the dialogue circles around Erin’s Christian perspective, but even for people of other faiths and beliefs, there is so much great advice and insight.  Listen and enjoy!

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