Kostas Kotopoulos

This episode of Is This It? features a conversation with Kostas Kotopoulos

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Kostas grew up in his native country of Greece where he lived for his first 22 years.  He did not know that 30 years later he would have traveled to 112 countries working for various charities. He holds two Masters degrees in International Development and Education from Universities in Norway and the UK. He has worked as a senior manager with the UN, World Vision, Mercy Ships and other charities around the world. His wife Katie is from California and they raise 4 boys, ages 13, 11, 7, and 5. They have lived for almost a decade in DR Congo, Rwanda and Bangladesh.

This episode is a heavy one, we get into the refugee crisis taking place in Europe, and look at some of Kostas’ experience in Lesbos, Greece. Of course we talk about plenty of other things, including how he still believes in a good God, despite the suffering he has seen. We talk about the importance of recognizing blindspots and how to learn from them.

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Talking to Kostas was truly enlightening. He is a profound man with so much wisdom and a refreshing perspective.

Listen and enjoy!

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