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Welcome to β€œIs This It?” - a podcast where I have conversations with artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and regular people who have owned their paths, and where we dive deep into questions about purpose, fear, and opportunity.

My name is Stefan Lako, and if you are like me, you find yourself unsatisfied with the status quo and looking for ways to fully engage in the lives of those around you, the world in front of you, and the questions of what lies ahead.  I love exploring deep, provocative, and sometime silly questions.  

Latest Episodes

Cindertalk - Jonny Rodgers - composer, producer, singer, and so much more.

Jason Davis - Host of SiriusXM Soccer and Slop Culture Podcast, founder of Compass Football

Upcoming Episodes

Christopher Harris - Author and host of the Harris Football Podcast

DEF3, Daniel Fernandez - Hip Hop artist, visual artist, and DJ 

Erin Kirk - Entrepreneur, author, and found of Girl Catch Fire

Skyler Adams - Actor and founder of Live Upside Down 

I think it is so important! I think a lot of people would benefit from you having open and honest conversations on the un-rutting process/journey.
— Sarah Schmidt